Choosing the Best Dog for You and Your Family: A Modern Pet Owner's Guide

Are you considering acquiring a dog? Because there are so many pure breeds (500+), not to mention the large number of "designer" breeds and mixed breed dogs, you should first undertake some soul-searching. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are as follows:

- Is the dog to be enormous, medium-sized, or small?
– What breed of dog will suit your lifestyle the best?

- How much exercise can you provide for the new puppy and how much will it need?

- How much time are you prepared to invest in training a dog?

- Is it good to shed or not?

- Would you rather have an active puppy or an elderly dog?

- Are you trying to figure out how to teach kids responsibility?

- Is a dog that is male or female better?

- Will you be taking your dog on any trips?

- what breed of dog is ideal for your house or apartment - will your new pet be for the complete family or just you - can your budget support the initial and ongoing upkeep expenses

Before making the commitment, consider the true motivations for acquiring a dog and resolve all the problems. Before choosing a dog, conduct your research on breeds and breeders, and discuss the traits of the breed you have chosen with your veterinarian. Inquire at your neighborhood animal shelter if you want an older dog that is already trained and in need of rescue.

You can ask questions about the breeds of dogs that are up for adoption and even ask to be included to a list so that you can be contacted when the dog of your choice becomes available. On the internet, there are pet rescue organizations that have dogs up for adoption.


If the newest "hot" dogs don't fit your personality, don't be fooled by them. These dogs can perform unique stunts and always seem to be well-behaved.

The dogs you see on television or in movies, such as the Jack Russell Terrier on Frasier, the Dalmatians in the Disney Dalmatian films, or the Chihuahua in the Taco Bell ads, have all undergone extensive training. You ought to think again unless you are prepared to invest the time and money necessary for that level of training. If you take the time to choose wisely up front, you will have many great years with your new puppy.