Thousands dogs are left to suffer on the streets! Help save them!

This is the sad reality in Thailand: countless stray animals walk the streets looking for a better future. These innocent creatures struggle to make ends meet; they are barely able to find a decent shelter and food and water are luxury items at this point. They simply hope they will find someone willing to help them, which is rare.

Many of these dogs end up badly wounded. They are forced to endure tremendous suffering, because medical attention is hardly available for them. They are truly the forgotten souls of Thailand.

Take this dog for example. This poor fellow was run over by a car and ended up losing mobility in both rear legs. He is now dragging himself around in search for some food. Luckily, this poor baby was rescued by a good Samaritan and rushed to the hospital for treatment. Sadly, only a few dogs are so fortunate to be rescued.

The government and local authorities do not like the idea of stray animals, but instead of finding a humane solutions to this problem, they resort to cruel and inefficient methods of getting rid of them, such as mass poisoning campaigns. Others are victim of the dog meat trade: they are snatched from the streets by traders and sold to restaurants for their meat. It is therefore fair to point out that the authorities have shown almost no compassion for these animals in distress.

It is time to turn the page and provide a better life for the stray dogs in Thailand! No living, sentient creature deserves to be treated this way. It is inhumane and irresponsible.

Voice your support and help the Thai stray dogs thrive again!