This 1-eared 'unicorn' dog is stealing our hearts

From afar, Rae the Golden Retriever pup may look like any other Golden, but she has one very unique feature that’s different from the rest: one ear at the top of her head, writes ilovemydogsomuch

According to Rae’s human, Rae was left with one ear after an accidental injury at birth. It’s believed that her doggy mom was playing too roughly with her, which required emergency surgery to remove her ear.

This left her with only one ear, which migrated to the top of her head as she grew. Now she is left looking like a unicorn pup!

Brianna Aardema was one of the people caring for Rae at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The moment she saw Rae, she knew she wanted to raise her, and brought her home.

Thankfully, Rae can still hear out of her one ear, so it hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She may look different, but she’s a very energetic, happy Golden, just like any other pup out there!

Her unicorn ear has won over the hearts of people all over the world as her pictures have gone viral.

Her human made her an Instagram (which you can follow here) only two weeks ago, and it already has more than 20,000 followers.

It already looks like Rae is having the time of her life in her new home, and she’ll continue to receive the best love and care in the world!