They Broke His Jaw And Threw Him Out Of A Moving Car, But He Still Gives Kisses

Otto, a puppy, was abandoned on the side of the road with his sisters.

While his brothers seemed devastated and glutted, Otto was in excruciating agony with a jaw shattered in two places.

. After his operation, we see Otto in the arms of his caregiver in this videotape. Otto is filled with affection for the people around him, despite his disastrous start in life.

When a caregiver offers him some affection, he’s ready to shower her with kisses, even though moving his jaw must have hurt a lot!

The sanctuary was concerned about Otto’s surgery and recovery expenses. When they shared his suffering on social media, a slew of beast suckers stepped up to fund his medical bills.

Fortunately, his operation was a success, and he is currently on the mend.

All of Otto’s companions have found permanent homes, but 3-month-old Otto requires particular attention until his jaw heals completely.

He is now able to eat on his own.

He will be with his foster parents soon. We hope Otto, the steadfast and loving dog, gets his forever home soon!

 Click the videotape below to watch Otto’s sweet disposition as he cuddles with his caretaker in the sanitarium!