The Endless Tears Of A Sad Pit bull Who Doesn’t Understand Why His Family Abandoned Him

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The uncontrolled tears of a heartbroken pit bull abandoned by his family in a shelter is truly the most devastating thing to see.

Leaving a pet aside seems to be a common practice in some families without values, an act of cruelty against a creature that for years took care of everyone in that home.

Puppies are undoubtedly the most loyal little animals and more than one human has a lot to learn from them. So we hope that the Blue King story will help raise awareness.

This little friend went through a bitter episode in his life.

This pit bull lived with his family in California (United States), but a change of city led these people to get rid of the poor animal.

In order not to leave him unprotected, the owners decided to take him to the local Carson Shelter, and leave with the hope that someone else would take care of the poor dog.

What seemed good to his humans was a cause of sadness for this little dog.

The family left in peace but the same did not happen with the sensitive Blue King, who could not understand how it was that his parents had left him in that place full of strangers and had not returned for him.

The dog did not know that he had been abandoned.

Like most furry people who go through that experience, the pit bull showed his sadness and anguish from the beginning but there was something that simply surprised all his caregivers, Blue King was so devastated that he would not stop crying.
Real tears welled up in his pitying little eyes and it was inevitable not to feel sorry for him.

Although many furry people suffer in this life, few actually cry to show their sadness. Shaken by their situation, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs activists decided to intervene.

The shelter in which this furry was left uses the practice of sacrifice to control the number of dogs in the place, so it was feared that death would be Blue’s fate if he did not find a family soon.

For that reason the volunteers posted a video of the puppy to find him a home.

Thanks to that Jennifer McKay found out about the case and traveled to the shelter to meet the animal, at first the matter was very difficult.

The woman fell in love and wanted to take the puppy home, but first it was necessary for Blue to pass a temperament test.

During the week that the process lasted, Jennifer visited the dog to gain his trust but it seemed that the puppy just wanted to see his old family.

When the shelter gave permission for Jennifer to take Blue King, the woman was surprised by the radical change that the animal gave.

As soon as they opened his cage he was grateful to the human who had decided to become his new mother.

This was a new beginning and Blue seemed to understand it very well.

At that moment the puppy made a radical change and all his sadness was transformed into a lot of love and energy, as Blue turned out to be quite playful.

Fortunately, Blue did not have to spend long in the shelter, but he did spend long enough to show how broken his heart was by the abandonment of his family.

His story had a happy ending and although it happened a couple of years ago, his tears and suffering are still valid on the faces of other furry people who today are going through a similar situation.

They are not an object, share this emotional story so that people understand once and for all what it means to destroy a dog’s heart. Watch The Video Below:

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