Stray Dog With Mange Thinks No One Loves Her So She Lays Down In Grass To Die

The Loftins, who live in Kingwood, Texas, have a soft spot for dogs in need. They are licensed foster parents through the Kingwood-based Texas Rescue Riders.Although they own six dogs and foster seven others, they could not resist a dog near-death named Willow. Aside from suffering from a severe case of sarcoptic mange, Willow wasn’t expected to live much longer.As soon as this person shared the photo on social media, the Loftins learned about Willow. Shana felt compelled to find Willow and get in touch with her.

“It was raining that day. I told my husband, ‘Get in the truck. We have to go find this dog,’” Shana shared. Amazingly, they found the dog but she was unable to get up. Shana believed Willow laid down in the grass to die. The couple picked her up, placed her gently in the truck, and drove to a grocery store for 10 pounds of chicken breast.

“When you have a dog that is that skinny, you have to feed them a bland diet. I made her chicken broth, boiled chicken breasts and rice for the first couple of days. She did well and was able to eat,” she explained.
“I knew she had mange and that it was probably contagious, so I gave her a bath and then put her in a kennel in my bathroom, so she would be separated from our other dogs.”

Sarcoptic mange is very contagious and caused by mites that get underneath the dog’s skin. It is like scabies in human beings. After two weeks of tender loving care, Willow is able to stand and is eating well. She wears doggie pajamas so she doesn’t itch her skin. Shana and her husband decided to call the adorable pup Willow because “she is a dog with a new beginning.”

Thanks to Steven and Shana Loftin, and to everyone who helps animals, I Love My Dog extends its highest appreciation to them.