He Cried, Dragged His Heavy Body to a Villager's House Begging For Help

Meet Sako! We just received an emergency call. He said that he had just seen an abandoned puppy in an abandoned house (near his house). The puppy was in a panic, the baby was trying to drag his heavy body into the man's house to ask for help. Sadness covered his cute face. 

The baby has a very cute face, his eyes are like those of an angel. We can't let him get upset again. He is brought to Vet with the determination to change Sako's current life! Sako is so cute, he doesn't complain. All tests will be conducted tomorrow.

Sako gets to go out more. He begins to feel friendly and at ease with everyone...Watch the video below. CAN YOU GIVE ME JUST ONE SHARE

Thanks to the channel : Animal Shelters ❤️