He crawled in the snow in tears looking for help with his legs crushed by the train

Image/Story Source Credit: Animal Shelter via YouTube Video

Raid was a dog with the worst condition ever on our trip He tried to drag himself across the snow with his legs crushed Luckily there was a kind person who saw him and called us He broke a lot of bones lost a lot of teeth The crushed legs must  his amputated.

The operation took place shortly after, the boy had strong vitality He was scared and in pain, he needed someone by his side And I spent most of my time with him, he was out of danger He needed constant monitoring and fluids He was sensitive to sounds back then, every time he looks at

me I wonder how his life was before? He couldn't walk yet but he was fresher, wasn't scared anymore Also he got used to me and got closer to me What I was worried about was how he can walk I think we will find a solution and help him

Back then he needed to recover and be in a good mood. After the amputation he was quite shy when he put his feet down. When the wound healed, he got a prosthetic leg. But first we had to let him overcome his fear A new friend was referred to Raid by the doctors.

To show him that training is easy and doesn't cause much harm I really hope that the day the raid  running on the grass is coming soon We started with this method and it worked Raid was able to stand his feet on the ground and he even tried to turn around although he was still a bit scared.

In the end, our efforts were not in vain, I was so happy at the time. We went to the car to return to our beloved home He will live with me and we will continue our recovery journey Here he will be well cared for, loved and protected Soon you will see this guy running like a normal dog on the grass

We believe that, with love and effort, one day soon we will see Raid running happily on the lawn like other normal dogs...Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescue Team:  Khochu Domoĭ💚
Thanks to the channel : Animal Shelter ❤️

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