After Surgery A Blind Dog Could See His Family for First Time

Get ready for a cuteness overload that will leave you saying "Awww!"

In a truly heartwarming video, a formerly blind pooch named Duffy sees his family for the first time following a successful surgery to restore his eyesight. He and his family are unsurprisingly very, very excited!

The little guy is taken to (literally) see his family, all of whom coo and squeal with delight at the happy dog. Duffy has clearly made a fantastic recovery, and is wearing a cone around his head...which, let's be honest, is never not hilarious!

Duffy eagerly scampers about the room, visiting one family member after another. The dog makes his own squealing noises, which are undoubtedly a sign of his complete and total elation. Let’s put it this way: If Duffy were human, he’d be bawling with happiness. He wags his adorably stubby tail and obviously can’t wait to go home with his peeps.

Who says animals can't feel deeply for others? Just look at these wonderful dogs. This canine is yet another fabulous example of the love animals feel for their human companions. His joy is pretty darn apparent, after all!

This clip definitely serves as the perfect pick-me-up!

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