Loyal Dog Sacrificed His Own Life To Save Owners From Home Intruder – let’s pay him the respect he deserves!

It is unquestionable that our dogs love and are loyal to their families, and even though this report is tragic, it is also true that this loyal dog sacrificed his life for the sake of his family!

It happened in Merauke, Indonesia when Achy Wijaya awakened within the morning to get his dog lying nearly lifeless within the yard of their home. Achy heard him barking the night before.

According to NtdNews, Achy was devastated when he learned that his dog had been deliberately poisoned:

“They did not rob us due to our pet dog kept barking,” Achy wrote on her Facebook page. “We only acknowledged once we went out of the house within the morning. We saw that our dog had been poisoned by the thieves.”

The family of the victim said they were asleep when thieves planned to rob their home

Although their dog began barking frantically, no one bothered to check – thinking it had noticed the cat.

Suddenly the dog stopped barking, and the next morning the dog was found near the brink of death – lying in its own vomit with a sip of foam – indicating it was poisonous!

“We wanted to require him to the vet, but we sleep in Papua and therefore the vet usually only deals with livestock . Besides, it had been also a Sunday, therefore the vet’s clinic was closed also ,” Achy stated.
Despite attempts by his family to help him

– by forcing him to drink milk, oil, and coconut milk

– their dog ended up dying as a result of his weakened state

And as Achy, heartbroken, mourned the death of his dog who sacrificed his own life to save his family.

Achy filmed the last moments of his brave dog:

– to honor the life of his pet and warn others to concentrate when their dogs bark!

Check out the video below!