Puppies Found Cover With Blood And Injured Mother Who Couldn't Urinate For Long Time.

A mother dog and her 4 pups were found by a woman on Christmas day in 2019. The woman tried to catch the mama dog and her babies, who were all covered in blood, but she was not able as the mama was completely scared!

The mama, who had bite wounds or a vaginal tumor, was given food for her and her babies in order to get her lured, but she was still afraid of people. The woman called rescuers, a catcher and a vet for help, but it was a difficult mission.

They were finally able to catch them after 3 entire hours! Thankfully, the woman was able to hug the babies, who were covered in fleas, and got them into her car.

Unfortunately, the mama dog 𝕕𝕚𝕖𝕕, which meant that the woman should take care of the babies without their mama. The woman was able to take care of the dogs in a great way as they grew up properly. You can see in the video below that they are having a great time with their guardian angel. Watch the video below.