Poor Dog with Neurological Condition or Cerebral Disease Needs Your Prayer.

img: Youtube '' AnimalSTEP Official / Rescuer: Jirachote Phana ''

Chaplu is a sick dog. He used to be a happy, intelligent dog. Unfortunately, he became very ill and was unable to control his body. He refused to eat and lost sign.

He no longer feels anything and is extremely frail. The Kaset Kamphaeng Saen clinic was able to receive him.

He looks better and can take a few bites of food on the first day at the veterinarian. It seems he gets the right medication, but he became depressed and unable to eat over the course of the next few days.

His eyes started swelling and he could not see at all. He has a neurological condition or cerebral disease. He needs blood transfusions and they decided to remove his both eyes. 

After surgery, his condition did not get any better. Due to his extreme desperation, and almost lost his battle. 

The vets didn't give up to save him and he needs your prayer. We wish the best to him for a speedy recovery. Thanks for every support and every donation to save his life. 🙏

Watch the video below.

Special Thanks To Rescuer :  Jirachote Phana 💚
Thanks to the channel : AnimalSTEP Official 

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