Her Life is hard enough as being a stray, but she has finally found true love.

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I entered an area that was not visible to the general public. This is where some of the scared dogs are. I saw Petra here, and she broke my heart!

Petra was so terrified that she pushed into the path of traffic in search of a safe haven. My heart breaks for her. She has been in this state of fear for nearly a month.

I wanted to take her out and give her a break, I got a leash slipped on her, but she just wanted to hide in the corner. I didn't want to stress her out any further, so I just sat in her kennel with her. Someone once loved her, as evidenced by her pink collar.

These are the kinds of dogs we see flourishing outside the shelter. She is now safe and with Save Some Souls Rescue. Thank you for spreading the word about this girl.

She will be safe because of your assistance. Sweet Puppy Petra was terrified in the shelter, cowering, shaking, and nearly collapsing. However, as soon as she enters her foster home, her entire demeanor changes.

She meets her foster sibling Stella, and the two get along like long-lost sisters. Petra is a perfect puppy looking for a perfect home anywhere in the United States or Canada. She is incredibly sweet, loving, playful, intelligent, and submissive.

She is excellent with both dogs and cats. She is still a puppy, so her new parents must focus on socializing her and enrolling her in a doggie daycare.

We’re thankful everyone that worked hard to survive her and give her a second chance at life with full of joy she should deserve.  Please send your love to her and share his story.

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