Golden Retriever Says Goodbye To Old Handler Before retiring

heartwarming story of an unbreakable bond between a search and rescue dog and his handler has touched millions of people worldwide. The inseparable duo had undergone rigorous training together to ensure that they could carry out search and rescue missions efficiently during emergency events. However, when the soldier who had been the dog's handler for two years was due to retire, the emotional farewell left both of them in tears.

The retiring soldier had served the army for eight years and had developed an inseparable bond with his loyal four-legged partner. Unfortunately, the dog had to be handed over to a new handler, and the farewell was captured in tear-jerking footage by state broadcaster CCTV.

In the emotional video, the soldier can be seen saluting a fellow soldier as he prepares to hand over his best friend, a golden retriever. He then turns around and walks away after giving the pooch a pat on the head. However, the loyal canine could not bear the separation and breaks free from the leash, running across the ground to give his handler a final hug.

As the dog wags its tail and jumps up to give the soldier a kiss, the ex-handler is left in tears. The clip has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide, who have praised the incredible bond between the two.

The touching video has garnered millions of views and shares on social media, inspiring people to appreciate the special bond between humans and their furry companions.

Article Sources: Youtube (h/t: kingdomstv)

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