Stories On Heroically Pets Who Saved Their Owners

Certainly, there is a special bond that exists between humans and animals, especially pets. They have a fierce sense of protection for people. It's fun to hear some incredible stories of animals rescuing people.

However, skepticism and selflessness are not the only sides. People are also on the front foot making life easier and comfortable for their pets, and Seattle dog boarding and dog Everett boarding are some examples in this case. Human care is understandable but animals are caring, intelligent and loyal to their owner. Here are some stories of animals rescuing people that will surely leave you.

The first is an account from Bobbie Glover who lives in California. He was walking through his lab on a street near his house when he slid into a pothole and broke his legs. He kept asking for help, but no one was around. Bobbie is in desperate need of medical help so she is wrapped up in her care and speaks the word "home". It was the very pet named Boomer who dragged her home. 

After doing this at home, his wife immediately called 911. It's amazing how this pet ended up being rescued by Bobbie from a shelter.Another story is about Hugh Ryono whose elephant seal pup's name is Gumpy. Usually, he takes his pet to work. 

One day, he slipped and a stomach ache hit the deck somewhere near his office. It was a surprise for her but made three aggressive puppies move her. From another corner of the street, Gumpy had a stream of water coming to him. He became Hugh's shield and protected him against the pups. 

As they entered, he reached the road and quickly forced them away. Hugh was amazed at how well his caretaker knew his situation and found him exactly at the right time.

Janice Wolf tells her story of an incident in which her 11-month-old calf of Watusi, Lurch saved her life. Janice was in the backyard when her calf suddenly turned and blocked her path. The calf is stiff and does not allow him to move. 

Janice tried to push her away by holding her horns but the calf pulled her head away and threw her in the balance. It was then that Janice realized that there was a copperhead hidden in the area where she was approaching. Lurch did his best to protect his owner. Janice admitted that she was very sensitive to insect bites and that snake poisoning could have killed her.

The amazing stories of pets saving their owners prove that friendship and loyalty are limitless. Animals as pets are a real blessing, and there are medical claims that pet owners have a reduced risk of stress, heart attack or stroke. It is not known how true this is, however, pets do have some healing powers in addition to their life-saving abilities.