She's desperate sitting beside the road, crying in pain and hopeless, no one believe she can survived but...

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescued: Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary''

We've heard about this poor dog who was hit by a car a few days ago and is unable to move her back legs. She has obviously just given birth and is probably upset about not being able to find her puppies. We rescued the dog. She appears to be paralyzed or has a broken leg. Sinead is the name we gave her. There was no sign of puppies anywhere so maybe she is still pregnant.

When 'Doc Pierre' evaluates her, we'll know more. Sinead will have x-rays tomorrow. Thank you for all of your contributions; we now have enough money for her treatment!

Day 1: We're at Animal Wellness with Sinead, the mama dog who was hit and run. We will obtain x-rays to determine the extent of the damage caused by the vehicle impact. The puppies haven't been found despite our searches and inquiries around the area.

The results of Sinead's xrays are not good. No bones in her limbs or pelvis are broken, but she has a spine fracture that has damaged the nerves in her back legs. Hopefully, her ability to perform these functions has not been hampered since she was able to poop and wee at the shelter.

The doctor who took her x-rays, Dr. Gama, thinks laser therapy may be able to help her recover. Seven consecutive days will be spent receiving intense laser therapy. We must keep her there because driving on rough roads every day would be too stressful for her.

Sinead received her first laser treatment for a fractured spine! Day 4: She is still receiving IV and nutritional support in an attempt to increase her red blood cell count. She is also using a catheter because she is having difficulty emptying her bladder.

She continues to receive laser therapy on a daily basis. Day 5: She's doing a lot better. She can now eat and drink on her own, and she pooped three times last night.

Day 13: She received nine laser treatments, and the growth of her bones and muscles has significantly improved. Her spine is still out of alignment, like Tink's, but we are optimistic that it will become stronger with additional laser therapy.

Day 28 Day 30: At this point, we are unsure if Sinead will recover the use of her legs. I hope you find housing! I'm praying for you. I hope your back legs start working again!

Sinead, I adore you! Day 33: We are trying sinead with a wheelchair. Shaun and Sinead on Day 35! Day 37: Sinead is very at ease in the office! Sinead has officially become an office dog on Day 50.

It seems increasingly likely that she won't be able to use her legs again. Every morning, we bandage them so that she can move around without developing sores. She is a really sweet girl! Despite the trauma she has experienced, so loving. She loves her donut bed very much! Day 66: Today, we took a few dogs to the sea.

She’s such a brave girl, she didn’t give up and fought for her life. She will have a good life with full of joy, happy in a new sweet loving home.

We’re thankful everyone that involved saving this little poor soul to get a second chance at life. Please keep her in your prayer and share her story.

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary 💚 

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️