She Was Scared and Crying After Being Thrown in This Hot Place By Her Owner

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In an empty lot, we happened to run into her, and she was terrified. She tries to conceal herself in the bushes. Apparently, this poor girl was subjected to horrific abuse. Did she get hit by the owner?

She suffered a fractured pelvis. She was dumped here, so we can be certain that she had an owner and wasn't a stray dog.

Or perhaps she fled after being pursued and ended up here. The little dog was very sick and malnourished.  Despite being extremely hungry, the poor dog will not approach the food. To persuade her, we repeatedly brought different foods.

She is still hostile and prepared to attack us. Thank God, she gradually felt more at ease after four feedings and with patience. The girl's name was Misha., and has just been picked up to the animal hospital. 

Young Misha deserves a better life because she is deserving of it. To determine the severity of the injury, she will undergo an X-ray.

Day 10: Misha has changed significantly. She has lost her fear and aggressiveness. Wow, our sweet girl is fully healthy after 31 days. 

We thank everyone that being an important part of being survived this poor soul and give her a better life.  🙏 Watch the video below: ⏩

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