She was picked up as a stray but severe scared and shy, try to hide in the corner, Happy ending

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Chasing Tails Rescue ''

This terrified little girl was recently brought in as a stray at the Wichita animal shelter. Sadly, out of fear and concern for what might be ringworm on a small patch of missing hair, She is marked as rescue only and needs to be saved immediately!

Rescue by Chasing Tails Today I was able to pick up this poor girl from the shelter in Wichita.

We are calling her Lily! Lily has received her initial vaccinations as well as preventative medications from me. 

Day 4: Despite the fact that she is still extremely shy, she made some progress today.

Day 20: Lily leaves for Florida with her new family. She can be so joyful at times, but she also keeps her guard up. I sincerely hope that she will quickly change her mind about her new family.

By taking this trip, they have already shown her how much they love her. They will give her a wonderful life, and I'm so incredibly happy for her! Day 36: This lovely girl was adopted by Sheryl Smith. Although shy, she genuinely cares about other dogs. She has no house training at all. She is gradually emerging from her shell and regaining her trust in people.

This adorable little angel has a devoted new owner! She’s feeling so good, she wags her tail to thankful to those kind people that saved her life. It’s very good work that could restore the faith in humanity, we’re really appreciated and grateful to everybody that bring her new life.

Special thanks to: Chasing Tails Rescue 💚 
Thanks to the channel : The Moho ❤️

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