Puppy Born With Permanent Smile ‘Steals’ Rescuer’s Heart And Gains Loving Family

img: Instagram, cheers.for.chupey

Every dog deserves to be cherished, but unfortunately not all dogs are lucky enough to urge the love and care that they desperately need, especially those that are born with some disabilities or rare birth defects that make them look quite unusual. Dogs like this are often thrown away after they come to the present world, and they need to fight for their own survival.

2 years ago , experienced dog rescuer Kaley was contacted about a strange looking puppy with obvious deformities When seeing pictures of the puppy.

Kaley wasn't even sure the little guy was a dog at all, The mama pooch was an outdoor dog that was allowed to become pregnant over and over again.

So Kaley made a deal , she would take care of the pup if the owner finally agreed to spay the mother

Thankfully , the owner agreed and when the pup was 8 weeks old , Kaley managed to get him home

He was so small and malnourished , but absolutely adorable, Looking like a mix between a wolf , hyena , dog and bear.

Kaley decided to name him after the legendary creature Chupacabra or Chupey for short.

While falling in love with the spunky pup Kaley worried about how much Chupey was " different " and if he was in any pain

After tons of visits to the vet they still wasn't sure why Chupey looked the way that the does, but they felt confident his little oddities were , more or less , just physical

The older Chupey became the more his sparkling personality started to shine through, but also his extraordinary appearance

He has these long legs and skinny body .

A big jaw and teeth but not enough lip to cover it, which gives him this constant smile

He shows us all how easy it can be to love yourself, and proves that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Thank you for giving Chupey love and trust.😍🙏  Watch the video below.  

Special thanks to:  Kaley Carlyle 💚 

Thanks to the channel : We Love Animals ❤️ 

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