How to knowledge If Your Cat Is Safe With Your Dog

If you are bringing a cat home, you may want to know if it is okay to be around a dog. It is difficult to know whether both will react badly to the animal. Here are a few tips so you can see if it's the best way to do it.

Dogs and cats really depend on how they were trained to move with other animals. If your dog is not in the vicinity of another animal, he may not want to put a cat first, but if it is a light mannered dog, it will not be too much of a problem. 

The best thing to do is to slowly accustom each other. You just want the cat to go down and not leave them alone because of something else, they can end the fight.

If you already have a cat in the house and bring a dog home, you may remember that cats can be very territorial. 
You will want to accustom the cat to the smell of the dog, so try to keep them away from each other because you do not want the cat to be empty. 

For example, do not start eating the dog in the cat food plate. If the cat seems to have occupied its place, it may end up in a fight that could injure the animals.

Some dogs and cats appear right away, and this can be great. If you want to see if they can be friendly, just give them time to visit a big room where cats or dogs can easily escape if they are scared. They both need to be around when they first show up. 

Even if your dog is too big, your cat can hurt it or the other way around. Always be careful of this for a few days to a few weeks and keep them separate for a while if there is a fight.

You are now clear on what to look for when you bring a cat home to live with a dog. Many problems can arise if you do not do it correctly. Animals are usually able to get used to each other, so be sure to give it time.