How Can I Stop My Cat From Scratching My Furniture

Cats are funny pets, but they can also cause serious damage to furniture. Scratching is part of the natural behavior of the cat, designed to mark territory, exercise and provide the feline with good feelings. Learning to prevent cats from scratching the furniture will allow the kitten and the owner to live harmoniously within the home.

It makes no sense to try to prevent a cat from tearing, so the goal is to change the wishes of the feline. Physical punishment is never advised and may cause the cat to become insecure and rip more often. 

This type of claim can break the bond of trust between the owner and the feline, which will be difficult to repair.

The two ways to prevent the cat from tearing down the precious sofa is keeping your nails cut or placing vinyl caps, called Soft Paws, on the cat's nails. If none of the two options seems safe, the owner can buy a scratch entry for the animal. 

The stick must have a rough surface and be high enough to allow the cat to be in its hind legs. The structure must be robust so it does not fall when the cat scratches on it.  If it does not drop once, the cat can not scratch it again and the stick may also be used as a zipper.

A publication made with sisal textile material is a good product because the cat can crush the substance without getting damaged. Research shows that cats prefer to leave vertical grinding marks to mark their territory. The grain of the sisal material adapts well to the vertical scratch and the post can be preserved much after crushing it because the cat still wants to use it.

The back of a carpet is also an ideal material to crumble, but must be anchored to something so it does not slip. Puncturing it on a pole or on the wall will produce a home-made scratch that does not cost almost anything. 

To put these sticks in each room of frequent use will give the cat something to work whenever it is in the room. Initially, the locker should be placed where the cat scratched the furniture. It can be moved gradually to a less visible area of ​​the room after a while.

Cat owners should be aware of how to prevent cats from scratching furniture. Keeping the trim feline nails, buying vinyl nail caps and getting a scratch stick are several ways. The furniture will remain intact and the cat will still be able to mark its territory and exercise.