He's getting old, and one day he awoke to find himself alone in the street.

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Billy Boy is the name of the dog; he was struck by a car, but the driver just fled.

Prior to Sadies receiving a call and us rushing there to save him, he was left in agony for days. Additionally, he suffered a terrible head injury, and it appears as though he will lose one of his eyes.

It's 35 degrees outside, and a group of young volunteers waited with him, offering water until the ambulance arrived.

When he arrived at our clinic, it appeared that his skull may have suffered damage, which is very concerning.

He is being kept as comfortable as possible at the veterinarian's office by having his awful, matted coat removed.

He obviously had a bad life because no one has taken care of him for a very long time...

However, Billy Boy still needs to have his eye removed during surgery in order to live only a happy life. Fortunately, there is no brain damage and he is in good shape to recover.

He has his first walk as a strong dog after about 2 months. Then he was adopted by a wonderful family. And he especially enjoys the new garden!

He's having a wonderful life can see the joy in his face.  Thanks for giving him a wonderful home and so much love.  He deserves as do all animals.

We hope this story will inspire other people to rescue all innocent animals that really need help and spent life very poor.

We thank God and this kind-hearted person that saved this poor dog and give him second chance at life. 🙏

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