He was left in the dump by his owner, he didn't want to raise the puppy. he's an innocent

img: Youtube '' Animal Shelter / Rescuer: Liza ''

He was left in the dump by his owner, he didn't want to raise the puppy. For a puppy who didn't know how to eat, it was extremely difficult.

His lower body started to be infested with maggots, he was taken to the vet.

wanted know what happened to this poor little puppy While the doctor examined him, his eyes widened in surprise.

"Why are there so many people around me" he thought he had no deep pain in his legs, and his pelvis was underdeveloped.

Puffik had no tail and could not go to the toilet alone In his innocent eyes he just saw this world as strange Why did someone leave him in the dump and some people brought him back He was too young to understand what happened to him and him and it was good for him After taking meds for a few days his condition had improved a lot He was still a puppy and he loved toys so much that he could play all day The doctor said he could go home and take the meds take A few days later we came home, we were both excited.

The boy was very unfamiliar with his new home and friends. The boy looked at the toy and wanted to play with it. Can you let me play with you?

Pufik said to see him so happy and innocent I felt so peaceful Until the next day he walked curiously around the house to explore So after all the hardships Pufik now lives his happy life Thank you so much for your alway support! Watch the video below.

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