Sweet little puppy who lost his back legs Gets the Best Life Ever - Heartwarming!

img: Youtube '' AnimalSTEP Official / Rescuer: Aire Boonpratum ''

He was born with the little back legs didn’t work as a result of spinal problems but thanks to all kindhearted people, he was saved.

He has received the best treatment, daily physical therapy but he could not back to walk again as normal. He was fitted with a custom-made wheelchair to move around and he’s getting bigger and stronger every single day.

He’s growing up in good health condition and receives ton of loves with absolutely no bounds. We’re really grateful everyone that brings him the best life ever.

Your kindness and love give him a zest for life. He will grow up in good health and live his best life. Please send your huge love to him and share his story.

Thank you so much for your alway support!  

👉 Rescuer : Aire Boonpratum ❤️

Thanks to the channel : AnimalSTEP Official ❤️