She was abandoned on this road in grief and tears After the operation

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A girl saw this dog walking abnormally under the airfield and fed the dog and asked for help She hid there when I brought her home.

She was too afraid to even look at us. What difference would it have made if you had treated her differently? What happened to her when she was about six months old? 

Upon closer inspection, I had a problem with my spine, so I went to the vet early the next day, and the doctor said that I had surgery on my spine .

But why would they leave her in that condition? She probably didn't recover. She subsequently underwent revision surgery with a skilled surgeon.

She had a good chance of recovering, according to the doctor. Bally is the name we gave her, but what bothers us is that she frequently, ''feel sad'' I may have thought about what happened to her.

Additionally, I had to remain for a week to observe. Her health significantly improved, and she proudly stood on her four legs.

She was affectionate with everyone and made them feel special, The way she sees me makes me so happy, We look forward to the day we go home when she lays alone When I see that I usually lay with her and she is so confused about what to do.

Never had anyone loved her so much. For her, this was a change that was truly miraculous. It was her most joyful time.

We were discharged and Bally came home not long after everything was new and lying there. She will soon fall in love with this new life. 

Bally was gaining weight and had a good friend, Despite Bally still being shy, he enjoyed playing with him.

My life was never boring as long as she was by my side. Along with forgetting the person who caused her sadness, she embarks on a new, joyful journey with us.

Thank you for rescuing Bally! She is a beautiful and sweet girl :) She's made so much progress all thanks for you, the Vet, Veterinary Staff and all of the loving care you've shown her. She is so happy and is now playing and enjoying life with the people who love her ❤

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