Rescue of Abandoned Dog who has no without Food Over 10 Days

Image/Story Source Credit: 'AnimalSTEP Official' via YouTube Video

This poor dog was found tied up with a rope. She was left to die with no food or water over 10 days. She waited for her owner who abandoned her...

She would have not survived another day without help. A good samaritan stepped in to help and took her to a clinic. They started her with IV fluids, antibiotics.

She is so skinny and she also received a blood transfusion. It's very fortunate that she has been rescued in time. She was really weak, droopy ear and droopy tail. She was a really sad-looking dog...

By a few days, she was wagging her tail. Her ears were a bit perkier. After just a week, she was able to stand on her own. She needs time to build up more energy.

Thanks for the help and all donations to save her life. She's now safe, she has a foster mom who will give her all of her love. Please pray for her and share her story.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

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