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Prison for the coward who dragged down a dog bound for his motorcycle!

Neighbors captured the soulless subject and denounced the atrocity. Police took charge of the animal, who was found completely dehydrated and with the back damaged, and took him to a shelter where he is in perfect health.

A neighbor, who was driving with his car, noticed the situation and managed to stop it between Avenida Calchaquí and Belgrano. "You burned him of what you dragged him son of p ..., has all the bare back, is completely dehydrated the animal", is heard in the video shared in the social network. Meanwhile, the man justified himself by saying that the dog had bitten a baby..

Bank of America
Bank of America est une banque américaine. En 2009, c'est la plus grande banque américaine en termes de dépôt et de capitalisation boursière, devant Citigroup. Le siège social du groupe est situé à Charlotte en Caroline du Nord depuis sa fusion-absorption avec NationsBank en 

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Bank of America Q2 earnings: $0.74 a share, vs $0.71 EPS expected