Poor puppy wandering alone under hot sun, weak and hopeless waiting for someone help

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A boy without a home, without a name was discovered by me on a hot day. His body was full of fleas, ticks and parasites

He was very weak when he had to be full in the hot sun for a long time I needed all the help for this guy to live, Because he was only 3 months old, he had a long future ahead of him

Day 1: I called him Daniel, at the hospital he became more lethargic, could hardly even stand. All analyzes of IHA parvo, corona and other diseases were negative, body high fever, no appetite.

The X-ray showed severe cirrhosis of the liver and ascites causing abdominal effusion. If he was not strong enough to get through this difficult period,

he would have to leave this world without being loved and cared for even for a day. That time he would be given drugs and high doses of antibiotics to keep him alive May a miracle happen to this poor dog.

Day 3: After 3 days of intensive resuscitation, Daniel’s condition was better Although he was out of danger, another problem was that his kidneys were not working properly.

Although he was out of danger, another problem was that his kidneys were not working properly.

Nothing could say about Daniel’s health at this time. But there would definitely be an operation when his body was strong enough. Fighting for life was always difficult.  And I did not let Daniel fight alone.

Day 9: Looking at Daniel right then, no one really thought he was having so many health problems, I took him to the doctor again that day, my little one had parvovirus

This was a very dangerous disease, difficult to control and this was Daniel’s weakness

The doctor told me that without the extremely urgent treatment, Daniel would not have survived

Was this virus trying to get rid of him?  And I did not want that to happen

Day 16: Another busy evening with Daniel: after taking his medicine, he felt asleep

Sleep well and dream well, so that when you woke up the morning after you would have a steel spirit to continue treatment. He was a very friendly, intelligent, gentle, affectionate, beautiful guy and of course he needed a beautiful life full of love

Day 24: Daniel had an appointment with the doctor that day to reassess his general health

He received the medicine and was very happy to be cured, with God’s favor he would recover

Day 30: Hello dear friends

Did you remember what day it was?  It had been 1 month since Daniel was rescued. That day the doctor indicated that his life was in danger

After eating right, taking a lot of drugs, plus a strong desire to live and sincere love, he became healthy. Watch the video below: 

Credit: pawslovefundacion 💚
Thanks to the channel : RoyalPet ❤️

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