Poor dog Abandoned for years and years, living in filth, eaten by parasites 😢

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer: D&A Animal Rescue ''

Chuck isavery sweet boy,he is very friendly and loves to be cuddly ..

Chuck's special day,he was adopted byakind family.

We are waiting for good news from him ....

Another one tied up for years and years, living in filth,eaten by parasites.

This poor girl has been breed over and over.She has been abused and mistreated.

We will never know the whole horror she lived trough at the end of the chain .....

But we know that her suffering ends today.

Let's show this precious baby that not all humans are onsters.

Day 13: NeverIhave hadadog with suchafast, amazing recovery! If you see her, you wouldn't believe is the same dog!

Hazel has gained weight, is running around withoutacare in the world.

Source: Animal Rescue

She has healed not only physically but emotionally she is just so much better!

I can tell you without a doubt, this girl is more than ready to find her happy forever home!

A dog that was completely broken tied up onachain for only God knows how long,

having a transformation nothing short of amiracle ....I just can't believe it.

Day 18: Can you believe that this baby used to be living at the end ofachain, depressed and starved?

Look at her now! You seeing her makes my heart full!

Source: Animal Rescue

Every timeIsee her playing, I get  emotional.

Whoever adopts her, will certainly win the jackpot. Hazel is the best goofy dog anyone can ask for.

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