He Was Exhausted And Looked at Life With a Sad Mood Until He Met This Kind Man

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We just received a nice call from a young lady who saw a dog lying motionless by the side of the road. The wound on that dog's thigh has become infected, and she is completely exhausted. The wound is covered in flies and maggots. 

Only skin and bones were left of her. She has been lying here for how many days? There was a lot of rain last night, it seems.

She was lying in the rain. God bless this baby. She is still alive but has lost her senses. Although she is still alive, her senses have been damaged. The helpless girl was unable to see anything anymore. She took a few bites of food and drank a little water after calming down a bit. This poor girl is covered in sadness.

She was taken to the vet. Her thin cheeks were dripping with tears. Necrosis and parasites were treated, and the wound was cleaned. a positive sign for the healing process. Day 2: The situation has improved, and she is no longer unconscious.

She could sense human love while she was sitting. The girl cried when she sensed our genuine affection because she loves to be petted. Day 5: When this girl awoke, she was more cheerful. For the past five days, thank God for the brave girl. She still doesn't have a name. She requires a name.

Who takes part in the naming, Please leave a comment below. I want to thank everyone and Esdras Andrade, the kind man who saved this angel.

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