He Sadly, Desperately Watches The Owner Who Tied And Abandoned Him

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Fundación 2da Oportunidad • Rescate Animal ''

Meet Chase! He was discovered to be in awful shape! Still wrapped around his neck was the rope. He might have been restrained and dumped here. Chase was down and on the verge of despair. Wet, shivering, and extremely alarmed

The body is extremely malnourished, full of ticks and fleas. Chase hid in a corner after being attacked by the village dogs and continued to do so whenever anyone approached.

It's time for us to bring him home. Chase will live in a better environment and requires medical attention. We have seen numerous ticks on his ears and the thick, filthy coat has been removed. Chase is a really nice, smart guy.

He was grateful that we had saved him. We will try to make him fearless. Day 6: Chase feels a lot better and is no longer afraid or alone. When he saw us, Chase was happy and kept wagging his tail when he saw us! Chase loves food.

He prefers soft foods. Day 15: Our angel has undergone significant change. He gradually developed into the happiest man on earth. 

Thank you to everyone for helping to save this angel's life, especially Fundación 2da Oportunidad.

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