He laid there in frozen and cold, hopeless waiting for his owner come back!

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer: Tanja Vidergar ''

They received a report of a poor dog was abandoned beside the road. 

Someone have seen he's lying there for some days in lonely and sadness, try to warm up under snow.

Very hungry, dehydrated, severe demodex with many wounds on his body.. Heartbreaking!

He's still lying there waiting for the owner come back.

We come at the night for save the poor dog, He's still lying there in very cold with the sadness eyes. It's raining too! 

He's very hungry but also very shy and scared people.

A new beginning into a better future, greetings from Muffin! (dog name)

At the morning we are at the Vet, 

The positive thing is that he is negative vector diseases..and the treatment will be long-term and daily therapy.

All his body covered by wounds, scar and severe mange.

Day 4: Muffin in therapy!

Day 18: Small step recovery to become handsome boy..

Day 60: Muffin is now full recovery. He's be adopted to a kind and happy family! He loves people and children so much.

He is very helpful and grateful puppy, desired of love.

Finally, he found a new home where he will be spent the rest of his life with joy and love from everyone. We’re so grateful to all mercy people that gave him this happy soul. 😍🙏  Watch the video below.  

Special thanks to: Tanja Vidergar 💚

Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️ 

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