He is stranded on the street, desperately pleading with passersby for food, but nobody seems to care

Image/Story Source Credit: NoAnimalBehind via YouTube Video

I met this old dog, someday in the hot summer, almost fainted Sitting in the shade, in a corner of a store. No dreams . , hopeless at living a better life, poor boy was thinking how to survive on the streets I went and I gave him some water and food An elderly dog beaten by fate, which was indulged by his hard life, hunted /chases by everyone

The risk was too high to run in the traffic street to be hit by a car. How much evil to exist in a man? How can you do that? The monster broked his leg in a barbaric way.

With God's help, some meat as treats and a cage I managed to catch him and went directly to the to the doctor. I thought in the first instance has a chicken bone stuck in his paw.. In fact his bones were protruding and necrotic.

A fracture and dislocation extremely ugly. There was a big risk to lose leg. No one knew since how many days he was hurt. He was hospitalized for nearly one week. We name him is JACOB!

2 days ago Jacob had a hearth check as i was concerned for the accelerate breathing over night followed by a cough! The Doctore reccomend x-Rays to see the hearth and lungs A new x-Ray was done also after his leg surgery! x-Rays result: The leg cannot be as it was anymore, but he have it and only God knows how is recovery will be and how he will use it. The gypsum still have to stay.

In general Jacob loves the sofa, he loves to cuddle every single day twice per day for sure! We are in love and he melts my hearth seeing him happy Of course after recovery the leg would not be same as before , he most probably will have a limpbut what is most important is that he didn't lost his leg.

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Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Georgiana Neagu 💚
Thanks to the channel : NoAnimalBehind ❤️