Cute Puppy with Bad Condition Can not Walking, But He Still Gives Kisses

img: Youtube '' Animal Rescue ''

The owner of that poor puppy doesn't have money to take the him to heal

The puppy has a brain condition,walking and falling down and having a seizure today.

His name is Ali Baba

We took Ali Baba to the Animal Hospital

The doctor checked that it should be a head disease.

It is that there is more water in the brain than the norman, give only the tonic, injection, and the emergency pills

We take the him to send the big hospital,with more experf to treatment.

Now the doctor has given the medicine to educe the water in the brain and the medicin to eat too.

We will take Ali Baba to do MRI again ... The doctor said that his age won't be long,But we will fight with Ali Baba

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Thanks to the channel : Animal Rescue ❤️
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