After He Broken Spine & Paralyzed, they threw him away.

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Someone called for assistance after discovering a helpless dog that was paralyzed and appeared to be far from civilization. Whether the dog was hit or was brought there with an injured spine, we will never be able to determine why they were able to leave the poor creature there since he was paralyzed.

But even though he is paralyzed, he still smiles and is friendly to us. We took him to the vet for examination and treatment; we gave him the name Nathan's Diego. An x-ray revealed that Diego had a broken spine and required immediate surgery. 

He is grateful to Dr. Amir Basic for his assistance. We are constantly battling to save lives, and the little sweetheart is incredibly brave in this fight.

Thank you, Day Four, Four days after the procedure, I can hardly believe my eyes. Diego is now standing, and the mission on his back legs has been completed. We are grateful to Dr. Amir Basic for his assistance. and the little sweetheart is incredibly brave in this fight.

Day 16 Diego is fighting and has no strength in his back legs. His back muscles have also completely atrophied. We will fight for our great fighter and hope you can once again walk normally. Day 22, let's start moving, okay Diego, bravo, bravo.

Day 26 this is after the third performance during the day, and he is already exhausted. Despite being a great fighter, without Dr. Amir Basic and those who look after him, he wouldn't be anything. Diego is now in his forever home after being adopted, but he is content with his stroller and is unable to walk normally again due to his heavy 12-kilogram frame.

Diego is a fighter who is strong and positive, and he deserves a happy life right now. Thank you. Diego now lives a happy life in a new home with the unconditional love of his parents.

Thank you so much for your assistance with Diego and your ongoing support of animal rescue. Watch The Video Below:

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