After Going Through So Much Pain, the Poor Puppy Becomes Frightened and Loses All Faith in Humans.

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Meet Balu! 

I felt a stabbing pain in my chest after accidentally watching a video of this puppy. He tries to flee the rescuer because he is terrified.

He was slowly becoming exhausted in his horror. He is still attempting to flee. Looking back and being concerned

I sobbed a lot as I visualized these sufferings: pain, hunger, cold, fear, and a tiny, lonely creature. This poor baby we have at last. Since he can't yet stand by himself, the baby is still very uneasy.

Balu, the puppy, is currently in the Aibolit clinic. TThe tests were performed. An X-ray revealed a pelvic and lower vertebral fracture.

Even though he is starving, he refuses to eat. God bless this poor baby on Day 3: I'm confident we can save him. Heal, feed, and return home.

Day 7: Balu requires the services of a psychiatrist after being abused and abandoned on the street. In the coming days, we hope to see a happy Balu. He'll be staying at Vet for a while longer.

Day 30: Balu is healing up nicely, and he now has a warm bed in which to relish his new life. 

He’s so adorable and such a brave puppy who never give up for life. 

We’re so happy to see this little puppy back to beautiful life and very blissful. We thank everyone that involved saving him, May God bless you all! 

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