The shelter dog lay and looked at the ground, waiting for the doctors with the last injection

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Save Animals' via YouTube Video

Roxy, a pit bull, was discovered on the streets of the massive metropolis of Los Angeles. The dog's previous owners must have been cruel to her, because when she arrived at the shelter, she hid in a corner and refused to leave for hours, ignoring people. She looked down at the ground because she was terrified.

The rescuers decided to take the dog for a walk in the hopes of relaxing her, but she simply clung to the ground, refusing to move. All of these factors indicated that the animal was oppressed.

When Roxy was discovered in an animal rescue organization, she was already on her way to being euthanized! However, she was saved just in time. Roxy was supposed to go to a foster home, but first she had to go to the veterinary clinic for a week.

The inconsolable dog had been sitting with his head bowed on the office floor the entire time. But then she happened to see a local cat. Everything in Roxy's life changed dramatically at that point! We're not sure what drew our heroine's attention to the fluffy lump in the corner, but she stood up and moved closer to it. The dog appears to have decided to make friends with this cat.

Screenshot via Youtube video by: 'Save Animals'

Since then, the animal's appearance has changed dramatically: she is no longer staring at the floor, sadly thinking about something. She reached up to get a better look at the cat, who seemed uninterested in her. 

Nobody knows why, but Roxy stopped being afraid of people, sounds, cars, voices, and everything else after seeing this cat. Perhaps she met a true kindred spirit, not just an animal or a friend. Such friendship instilled a love of life in the dog.

This was most likely the catalyst for the new family's interest in the dog. When the Pratts learned about Roxy's story, they knew they had to take the pet with them. And the dog's new family included not only loving owners, but also three cats and one Pomeranian! Roxy made friends with everyone right away. Of course, the past did not vanish without a trace: Roxy was still haunted by some fears.

However, the owners hired a coach for her, who assisted her in dealing with everything. Everyone, including animals, goes through difficult times in their lives. You must learn how to overcome them, and the best way to do so is with the assistance of your closest friends!

Screenshot via Youtube video by: 'Save Animals'

God has a plan for her that she met the kind-hearted people. She started her new life no more suffering and pain. But if nobody helped her, she would have a miserable life...

We have tears of joy to see her living in happiness. She will be cared for and loved for the rest of her life. We're so thankful and so grateful to the kind-hearted people.

She lives in a happy family full of love. Please send your love to her and share her story. "Watch the video below"

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