Rescue Abandoned Dog By The Roadside.. Lonely & Sad, Hiding from People

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Meet lan!

We received a call from a passerby.

He was thrown on the street in a very bad state.

lan is very aggressive and no one can approach him.

After more than 30 minutes of persuasion,I brought him back to the shelter.

He is still very suspicious. hiding from everyone.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Lan is feeling better,and has changed day by day.

1 week later.

From day to day his condition is getting better and he’s eating well. Finally, he’s completely healed and growing up with good health, soft hair and looks over handsome.

He’s now very blissful with his new owner and it’s such a great love he deserved. We’re thankfully everyone that involved bringing happy life for him. "Watch his full story in the video below"

Special Thanks To Rescuer: svetkafedosova 💚 
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Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️

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