He was only 8 weeks old, but he had lived a lonely life and endured much pain.

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Mattie's story moved me to tears. Mattie was only 8 weeks old, but he had to live a lonely life and face many challenges. He was almost life**less when I found him, his head full of flies and maggots. Maggots devoured Mattie's two ears and one eye.

Mattie was quickly taken to the emergency room, where his wound was cleaned and treated.

When he ate, it felt as though life had come back. At that time, he was secure and would get the best treatment. We genuinely didn't believe this boy would survive. The next morning when Mattie awoke, he appeared terrified. In bed, the boy was shrunken.

He became terrified when I touched him. Mattie needed a head reconstruction, according to the vet. He wouldn't be able to handle the anesthetic because his body was already too weak. Mattie's condition was deteriorating. After a few days of trying to get treatment we were still standing still.

His head was still swollen, and he sat awkwardly and tiredly. That was my greatest concern. What happened to Mattie if he couldn't recover? I was delighted to inform you of some wonderful news. I was worried last week that he wouldn't be able to see again after the injury.

Mattie then started to move his eyes and see light. He had learned how to love from the shock and sadness of the previous week. Mattie and Obi, two innocent puppies, were born into a world where they were unwanted. Each day, the dogs' strength increased as they consoled one another. With a friend by your side, life was always better.

Mattie overcame all of the obstacles thanks to Obi's encouragement. Mattie took her first steps that morning. A sight we could not have imagined a few weeks ago. The true miracle occurred as a result of the outpouring of love and prayers. Despite the fact that he endured a great deal in his brief life.

But Mattie's little body had endured it all and was now starting to recover. Although he still had a long way to go, he was undoubtedly headed in the right direction. He would continue to advance and get stronger and stronger.

This precious boy, I believed, had already stolen the hearts of many people.  šŸ„°

Thanks to everyone involved in rescuing him, please keep him in your prayer. šŸ™
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