He Tried to Sυrviνe, Getting Used to His New Life With a Thin Bσdy

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Meet Hope!

We rescued him from a wealthy family in Moscow.

He was completely neglected. Hope is only a baby, but he has spent his days extremely suffering because of his heartless owner.

He was left with only skin and bones, but the baby clearly didn't give up. His condition has been 6 months, he still has a desire to live.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

He came to me with an extremely sick and exhausted body. He does not stand on his feet. Toenails are long and curved. The body has many sores.

In the early days of Vet, this poor child could not eat. We continually transfuse blood and protein.

At one point, he thought he was dead. I am constantly beside him. Caress lovingly, help him trust us.

Day 7: His health became better. He has a new shirt and loves to go for a walk... He needs to walk every day to help him recover quickly.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Day 25: He has gained a lot of weight. He is clearly happy... The baby has a warm bed and lots of toys. He has started a new journey but this journey is sure to be filled with happiness.

Every rescue is difficult, however, every dog is healthy and has great transformation that is what we want most.  Please be sure to watch this heartwarming video below to the very end!

Special Thanks To Rescuer: Юлия Петренко💚 
Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️

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