Following its abandonment in the street, the small puppy kept hiding from people.

img: Youtube '' The Moho / Rescuer: Deborah Silva do Nascimento ''

After being abandoned, this little puppy continued to hide from people. Débora went to the location to pick up the girl and take her to the veterinarian because her body was covered in wounds ,and it was unclear what had happened.

Additionally, she had scabs and several lumps under her skin. She was starved and consumed a large bowl of milk that we gave her. Fortunately, a blood test revealed no serious health issues.

However, there is a major parasite that itches and bothers her; we need to take her to the dermatologist as soon as possible.

Fortunately Nana, our girl received a lot of help from the neighborhood. A few days later, after her first shower with her new human, she loves it, her parasite problem has significantly improved.

But our girl continued to feel depressed, continued to hide, and preferred to remain in her own little corner.

After a week with us, she only became more upbeat. Debora took Nana to her home and cared for our little girl until she was adopted by her new God family.

She receives a ton of love from everyone and they give her all the needs. She's such a friendly and she loves to play a lot. We're so thankful to everyone that gives her a second chance at life and full of joy. Please send your prayer to her and share her story.

Special thanks to: Deborah Silva do Nascimento 💚
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