The Most Faithful Puppy Sacrifices His Life Fighting a Cobra To Save His Family

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Dai Bao was a gorgeous Siberian puppy whose faithfulness, love, and appreciation for his family went to unimaginable lengths, even to the point of self-sacrifice.

And it’s because anybody who viewed images of this puppy with such gleaming fur and appealing eyes as a forlorn and miserable small street dog couldn’t believe it was the same creature.

Image via : Oriental Daily

After a life of loneliness, abandonment, and helplessness on the streets, Dai Bao suffered from starvation, alopecia, and a variety of ailments that domestic pups are treated for from birth, but strays are not.

A guy called Ye Yufang Yap discovered of his suffering through a Facebook post from a Taiping-based NGO that rescues stray animals in early July 2019.

It was a puppy that had been abandoned in the streets of Houlang, Malaysia, in appalling conditions. Because the photographs of him tore at his heart, he went with his kid to feed him. What he saw was heartbreaking: he was emaciated, neglected, filthy, and unwell, and no one was interested in adopting him.

With just 14 kilograms, a terrible skin illness, and extreme thinness due to extended malnutrition, the Yap family agreed to adopt him permanently at the request of the rescuers.

There was no evidence of that fragile, ill, and emaciated dog after only a few months. And he grew into a magnificent, powerful, and loving furry.

Image via : Oriental Daily

And, while his family observed countless displays of affection from the puppy as if to thank them for everything they had done for him, they had no idea that his heart was so big, or that his courage and fidelity would go so far.

Only the grandma and the youngest member of the family were there at the family home on Saturday morning. When the youngster heard Dai Bao’s moans, he ran to the garden to see what was going on. He was taken aback when he saw his little dog fighting a dangerous 2 meter long cobra.

Image via : Oriental Daily

The brave Dai Baom relaxed his mouth at one point and was bitten, collapsing to the ground.

The child saw that his pet was panting, his nose was bleeding, and his brows were swollen. Despite the fact that they acted as soon as the parents returned home and took him to the veterinarian, it was too late.

Dai Bao had challenged the cobra in the center of the entrance door, his owners found. Clearly, the puppy served as the family’s finest guardian angel, since the lethal animal might have entered the house and harmed the small one or the grandma.

The small dog appeared to still owe them a debt of gratitude for saving him, and he intended to repay them once more, but this time in a tragic as well as heroic manner.

Image via : Oriental Daily

Ye Yufang reported that the dog died after sacrificing his life for the entire family, and they opted to bury him close to the home, under a large tree, which was one of his favorite spots. Watch The Video Below:

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