The homeless owner could not afford to treat him, He spent days there, sobbing.

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This dog had been crying for several days. He lived on the street with the homeless, and they couldn't afford the vet bills for this dog. His ear was infected and required surgery. He is about four years old and is terrified of needles. We had a difficult time with his surgery.  In a warm and secure environment, Duke spent his first night.He even smiled, as if to indicate that he was no longer in pain.

Every member of the medical team gave him attentive care each day. Dick's wound recovered, and the tubes were taken out. Don't worry, even though the process was slow.

He was, however, still unaccustomed to being injected. Do you see his tense expression?  I had to hug him to make him feel better.

He kept a close eye on the physicians. Perhaps he thought it would all end soon. He was a people person who greatly trusted in us.

He would come to live with us after he recovered.

He did not enjoy his life on the streets. That day, I went to pick him up for a walk He was so eager and always found a way to run He was used to the roaming life and the outdoors It would take some getting used to a new life A new life where he's going to live with us in the same house Look at him, 

He has been anticipating this day for days. He was having so much fun running around that I had to stop. After a few days, it was time to say goodbye to the doctors and head back home. A little excitement and trepidation along the way Maybe he was filled with doubts about the life he had once fantasized about. Would this new life be the same as his dreams?

He remained motionless for the first few days as he watched. He occasionally grinned when he noticed something amusing. After that, he could catch up with friends and his family.

It took them a few days to get used to one another. At first, they were hostile toward one another when they saw one another, but after that, everything was fine and they behaved as brothers. My friends all adore him, and I frequently bring him to them.

And as you are aware, his homeless owner frequently pays him a visit as well. When Duke started a new life, his owner was happy for him, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that he continues to receive the care and love he deserves.

Thanks to everyone for the help to give him a second chance. Please join us to pray for him and share his story. šŸ™

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