Little puppy was abandoned in the middle of the road, helpless and in the hot sun.

img: Youtube '' Paws Show / Rescuer: Tanja Vidergar ''

Two little puppies were abandoned in the middle of the street in the hot sun, hopeless waiting for help! Puppy with a deformed leg is at the vet. 

The other white puppy is fine; she was adopted by a friend! I believe we can demonstrate to a small child that he is not alone. I believe that if we work together, we can show him how much we care.

How he lost his leg?... He lost his leg somehow. 😢 For the time being, he is safe.  ❤️

I wish the one who threw you away everything comes back to them at least 100 time.

Greetings, young Grom! Day ten: Little Grom is currently ill. Along with her leg issues, she also has a bacterial infection.

He is still in the hospital, and the battle is now for him and for all of us. Day 11: We continue treatment for little Grom. Please fighting little soul! 

Day 12: Making Grom's time in hospitalization easier. He's getting better by the day.

Day 17: Just wanted to let you know that baby Grom has completed his treatment and overcome all obstacles!

Day 30: Grom, his friend doesn't snort too much well, just to say hello. Grom appears to be enjoying himself in the setting, as evidenced by the fact that he is not bored.

Day 35: Just another trip to the vet to check on Grom's health! Day 45: Grom is now healthy and happy. He can run like any other puppy. Grom deserves a happy life for the rest of his life. 😍

He’s nursed back to normal in just few months, he starts to run, moving with joy and very playful just like other dogs. His life is completely transformed from being so much suffered to very blissful because of kind people supported and gave him what he deserve. 

Without your love and kindness, he would have not survived. Please keep him in your prayer and share his story. Watch The Video Below:

Special thanks to: Tanja Vidergar  💚
Thanks to the channel : Paws Show ❤️ 

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