7 STRANGE Dog Behaviors Explained

Pets do numerous strange things that may not continuously appear traditional. However, several offbeat habits ar traditional in dogs, although many might recommend hidden medical issues. scan on to find out concerning the explanations why dogs do what they do and what to try {and do} if it's unhealthy behavior.

1) Tail-Chasing

When puppies chase their tails, it's merely the way for them to urge won't to their bodies. The behavior ought to stop happening as usually as they age. however, if it does not, it might signal a compulsive disorder, that is common in sure breeds. It is treated with psychotherapy and drugs.

2) Scooting

It's fully traditional for dogs to hie or drag their butts on the bottom once aiming at the toilet. However, if you notice your pup is scooting oft, it may well be a symbol of wedged anal glands. It will have serious complications if left untreated, thus you ought to take an on the spot trip to the MD if you notice frequent scooting.

3) Humping

It's not abnormal for dogs to interact during this each once and a minute, primarily as a result of it relieves stress for them. It becomes a problem if the dog begins to hump humans additional usually than needed. If it becomes a problem, psychotherapy is wont to treat the problem.

4) feeding Grass

Dogs are omnivores, thus it's traditional for them to eat grass, sticks, and even dirt. however, it's solely healthy sparsely. Otherwise, your pup might have indigestion or different condition that will like veterinary care. AN indigestion leading to symptom or unconditioned reflex is helped with one thing.

5) Rolling in Garbage

Dogs have a natural urge to appear things that smell dangerous. it's aforesaid that they wish to hide their own scent with awful odors to form it easier to surprise prey. the simplest thanks to fix this drawback is just by avoiding pungent things once you are out along with your dog.

6) Drooling

Excessive drooling is actually, not traditional for dogs and will be a symbol of a good vary of medical issues. Your dog might drool as a result of he has AN health problem, has a reaction, or contains an activity drawback. However, if your dog is simply drooling whereas he watches you eat food, then there is in all probability, not a drag. it is also vital to notice that some dog breeds are additionally susceptible to drawling like Bassett Hounds and nice Danes.

7) Noise anxiety disorder

Most dogs have a bit little bit of a noise anxiety disorder and can tremble or cower within the corner after they hear a loud bout of thunder, sirens, or a shooting. However, it will become additional serious once the dog becomes very afraid at each blast. Noise anxiety disorder is troublesome to treat, however through learning programs, dogs will learn to relax after they hear disconcerting sounds. it is vital to require care of the matter promptly rather than looking ahead to the anxiety disorder to progress.

Chances are that your dog has or will interact in a minimum of one in all these behaviors. In most things, the matter is not too serious and might simply be taken care of. however, it's still vital to require him to the vet promptly if the behavior becomes excessive or if you have got the other considerations. That way, hidden medical issues are diagnosed and treated expeditiously.