He laid there in the middle of road for days unable to move, hundred people passby but no one help!

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We were told that this poor dog had been lying in the middle of the street for three days and that NO ONE WANTED TO HELP HIM!! IS THERE ANY SYMPATHY, ANY HUMANITY? One man from that part of town saw her, approached her, and somehow got in touch with me. People noticed him when he approached the dog and said he had been there for three days! I am beyond enraged, angry, and sad!

She isn't moving and was most likely hit by a car! We're on our way to the veterinarian! Please assist me with her because I couldn't say no despite my debts and problems. Despite what happened to her, she is a wonderful dog who still wags her tail! We have some minor good news regarding this girl after the vet visit. Fortunately, her spine IS NOT broken.

Her left front leg is hurt, and she has two fractures in her pelvis. She is currently completely unable to use her front leg, but because she is still young, we are holding out hope that she won't require an amputation.

She was given pain relievers and antibiotics and was admitted to the clinic. Her pelvic surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. She'll have a titanium plate inserted, and we'll wait for the vet's word on the leg.

That she might feel something in it and that we shouldn't amputate right away! She is brimming with life! Day 2: Our Betty's surgery went off without a hitch, just as I predicted, and she is in excellent spirits. She began to wag her tail as soon as she awoke. That tells us so much about her! Thank you so much to the veterinarian and his staff for taking such great care of her.

She is our little fighter. She will soon forget everything she went through to survive in my ruthless city. I'll say it again: she can't use her front leg. We'll give her time; she's young. Maybe a miracle occurs, and she won't require the amputation. She is receiving antibiotics, painkillers, and a lot of love.

Sadly, she is unable to immediately get up and play. She underwent a challenging surgery, so she will need to take extra precautions and rest a lot. Day 4: Our beloved Betty is leaving the hospital and moving into a paid foster home, where she will receive all the care she requires following her pelvic surgery.

The veterinarian advised limiting her movement, so she will need to spend a few weeks in a crate or box without much movement or attempting to get out. The healing process will take a while, but she is a resilient girl who is full of life, so she will overcome it! She simply requires a lot of love and attention.

Day 5: Betty is doing fantastically, and she has a bed and lots of treats, so she is overjoyed! She needs to remain motionless in her pen for a while. We are all hoping that she will begin using her front leg as we visit the veterinarian for a follow-up appointment next week. She would love to stand up, but her leg prevents her from doing so. She continues to be joyful despite all of her suffering. 

Day 6: Our sweet Betty adores dog treats. Day 15: Betty's front left leg will need to be amputated because it is completely separated from her shoulder. This was determined by the veterinarian during the visit.

Look at the video where she's attempting to run and notice how she drags her front leg. It cannot be saved... And it's better if it's amputated because dragging it like that would cause wounds over time. Please pray for her as she undergoes the amputation today!

Our Betty is a strong fighter, and she survived the lengthy surgery. As soon as she awoke and heard my voice, she began to wag her tail. When I see her like this, I find myself unable to control my tears, but this was her only choice. She will soon be fully recovered even though the leg has lost all function.

She will be recovering well from this procedure when we next see her. Despite the sadness of her story, she has moved on from the streets. She'll be wonderful, and she'll live the life she deserves. She has grown on me and I genuinely love her.

Day 22: Good morning from our Betty to you all. As you can see, despite the tragedy that she has experienced, this girl is still joyful. Animals are much more powerful than people.

Although she doesn't have a front left leg and has a rod implanted in her back leg, she still manages to run. We all have a lot to learn from animals! Furthermore, we must cease doing them harm.

Betty is a real little beauty and a brave sweetheart. After all she had been thru, she was still kind and gentle to humans, much more than we deserved. I am so happy that Betty has her forever home and is well and very happy, this is no more than she deserves, god bless super girl. Thank you to all kindhearted people for giving her a second chance. šŸ™ 

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