How to stop Unwanted Chewing Behavior From Your Dog

Step One: offer chew toys for your Dog

At first, once they square measure young, get dog toys and chews that square measure your Dog size; then graduate the dimensions as they grow. as a result of you do not understand what they like, get a spread of chews. I counsel one plush toy, a hard toy, a dentition toy, and a few fell chews. Once you determine their preference get multiples of that toy. Once the toy wears out or gets torn apart, it ought to be thrown away. Ingesting the stuffing and little elements of toys aren't healthy for your Dog. it'll cause abdomen irritation and biological process issues. Note: Avoid toys that replicate real things in your home like socks and shoes. A rolled up or knotted sock would possibly teach them to get into your clothes hamper once your back is turned.

Step Two: Puppy proof and scatter

Scatter your dog's favorite toys altogether the rooms that you just pay a lot of of it slow in. initially, the sole factor on the ground ought to be their toys and chews. Praise and encourage your Dog once they play and chew on the dog toys. when every week you'll be able to leave your things on the ground, like shoes, books, your child's toys, and bags. If they move toward your things, interrupt their approach with a fast command like "uh uh". once they leave your shoes alone or stop, decision them to you and direct them to their toys. Praise your Dog once they begin to play or chew on their toys. Repeat these steps over and over and be consistent. A tip to stop aggressive play is to not tug-a-war with their toys. you're their pack leader and this can be some way for them to challenge your authority. If they feel they're winning you'll undo the various leadership battles you have got won already. Note: "eh uh" is a typical stop command to your Dog with alternative dangerous behavior you would like to guide them on.

Soon you may not get to keep a watch on your things. Maintain this coaching systematically until they get through their 1st year. It takes a Dog a year to form all of their changes hormonally and physically. Your Dog can understand what's yours, and what's theirs. This methodology of coaching is more practical than scold... scold... scold. A positive relationship can develop and that they can see you as their pack leader.