Poor Dog Was Abandoned, Lonely & Sad At A Bus Stop - Heartbreaking Story

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

This poor dog spent three days at the bus stop.

He is very hungry and cold ...He was so lonely, sad in despair.

A lot of people passed him, but no one gave him a decent home.

When I came to the rescue, he was still very sad, lying dormant in a carton.

I took this poor child to Vet. I named him Helu.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

After the X-ray, the doctor determined:  "Helu suffered from pulmonary effusion". He has to stay in the clinic for treatment.

Today, Helu is getting better. He is walking with us.

Image/Story Source Credit: 'Paws Show' via YouTube Video

Helu is a kind and gentle guy. I will take Helu back home to give him a happy family.

From today on, Helu will no longer be cold and lonely.

His condition is improved a lot and he's stronger and he's a real fighter. We wish him all the best to live a happy life. Thanks to all the kind-hearted people involved in rescuing him. Keep him in your prayer and share his story. "Watch his full story in the video below"

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