Abandoned Hairless Dog Transforms Into The Most Gorgeous Bulldog

Dogs are beloved members of our families and provide us with unconditional love and companionship. Unfortunately, many animals are not as fortunate and are subjected to harsh living conditions. This was the case with a bulldog puppy, who was discovered eating leaves just to survive. She was suffering from severe mange and had lost almost all of her fur, making her condition critical.

Fortunately, rescuers found the puppy and rushed her to a medical clinic. They named her Pumpkin and, despite being a young pup, she appeared depressed and traumatized. The veterinarians discovered that Pumpkin had severe mange and infected skin, along with an extremely low body temperature that barely registered on the thermometer. The pup was on the brink of ԁеɑth, and the rescuers knew they had to act fast.

After a thorough evaluation, the team started removing Pumpkin's scaly, dead skin and gave her daily medicated baths. With proper care and attention, Pumpkin started to show signs of improvement. She even underwent surgery to correct her eye condition and regained her strength and energy.

As Pumpkin's fur started to grow back, a rescue group found her a forever home with a loving family in Los Angeles. Her new family renamed her Kennedy and provided her with a fresh start.

Now living in California, Kennedy is always by her mother's side and loves spending time at the beach. She is a happy and playful dog who enjoys playing ball with her doggie sibling and, of course, snacking on peanut butter.

Kennedy's story is a reminder that with the right care and attention, every dog can thrive and live a happy life.

Article Sources: Youtube  (h/t: theanimalrescuesite)

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