Terrified Street Puppy Is A Different Pup In His Foster Home

Image/Story Source Credit: @TheMoho Via YouTube Video

Meet Theo! It's not hard to feel how scared, cold and lonely he was. Did it just rain? Was he abandoned while it was raining? Where is Theo's mother? Where is his owner? When I see such helpless children, everything inside of me turns upside down. The whole world is so unfair right now and millions of questions are running through my head.

There's a lot of traffic here, he doesn't even dare to move. Zarema saved his life, thank you so much for this innocent little heart. 

The baby was immediately taken to the hospital. the baby was completely lethargic, the temperature was 40. Theo bravely endured all manipulations.

He was immediately given fever-reducing and pain-relieving medication. Come on our boy, come on! Today his condition is better. Theo became more energetic and cheerful.

Yesterday at lunchtime, he first became interested in food and ate everything that was given to him. Thank you very much to everyone who supported the baby, sincerely worried about these eyes. Our wonderful baby, Theo, is getting better and has had her first shot. Theo got better🙏🏻 And he's looking for a family!

Totally healthy and absolutely amazing. The stubborn and brave child fights for his life. In the end, everything is great for this angel. He has just received a kind adoptive mother. She's been watching Theo since the first day he was rescued. This kind woman will definitely not let him upset again.

Watch the video below for the full story! 

Special Thanks To Rescuer:  Ирина 💚
Instagram: @fridamylife_
Thanks to the channel : @TheMoho ❤️

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